• Put your School in the palm of your hand!

    Our Brilliant Mobile Solution has you meet your LCAP goals and the new ESSA Standards!
    * Increase Student Engagement                                 * Increase Staff Engagement                                      * Increase Parent Engagement                                   * Give Instant Access to Coursework
    * Improve School Climate
    * Increase School Safety
    * Increase School Attendance

  • Brilliant School Apps make parents feel more in control and saves office staff's time.

    • Cloud-based App Dashboard

      Our servers are hosted in the cloud using the latest hosting technology with 99.9% uptime for your apps. We give you 24/7 access to send messages, update, change or delete content when YOU need to!

    • Never be late to Class again!

      Feature Bell Schedules, Sports Schedules, Dates/Times of Events, so kids won't be late to class or team events, and parents will never miss a Parent/Teacher Conference orFundraiser Deadline again. 

    • Instant & Secure Access

      Brilliant School Apps are native apps that can be installed on parents’ and students phones. As well as being a format parents feel comfortable using, native apps provide greater security and quicker access to information.

    • Forms/Videos/Principal Podcasts

      Parents can submit Excused Absent forms from their phone, make online payments for School Events & Fundraisers, Watch Team videos or Listen to Principal's instructions conveniently & easily.

    • Newsletters to Read on the Go!

      Our apps allow parents access to the school newsletter, whether they are in the pick-up line or at after-school activities. They can also give feedback or volunteer for activities! Plus it saves paper!

    • Instant Safety Messaging

      Need an urgent message sent NOW, our pop-up messages and instant alerts give parents Peace of Mind and remind parents of upcoming events or changes to schedules.

    • Better School-Parent-Teacher Communication & Involvement!

    • School Staff get asked the same questions every day, Parents want to see what homework is due and grades, Students want to see what's fun to do at school ...so why not make it easier for everyone, reduce workloads and get a Brilliant School App, then the answer is in the Palm of your hand!

      For Schools
      • Frees up the time of school staff by reducing phone calls with repetitive and often unnecessary questions

      • Reduce cost of paper newsletters, and just provide information where everyone is...on their mobile device.

      • Forms and Sick Notes are received securely by school staff from the parent via our mobile app, removing frustrations of notes being returned late or not at all.

      • Helps support and sustain a pleasant relationship with parents.

      For Parents
      • Provides parents with an easy way to know what is going on.

      • Ensures parents always know what's going on.

      • Improves participation by reminding busy parents about upcoming school events.

      • Instantly communicate emergencies or saves parents time when events are rescheduled, avoiding frustration.

      If you are experiencing school to parent communication issues in your school, request a free school mobile app demo and discover the power of this simple, "Your School in the palm of your hand" solution.
    • Reach people on a device they have on them 24/7!

    • Jeremy Goins, Principal at Eleanor Roosevelt High School endorses Brilliant School Apps. Shares how Brilliant School Apps puts his School into the palm of Students, Parents and Staff's hand!

    • Catherine Wallace, Counselor at Santiago High School shares how Brilliant School Apps saves her team time, as they can share vasts amount of information with shareholders: Parents and Students, with Scholarship deadlines, A-G requirements, Test Dates, etc.

    • Michelle, Student App Team Leader at Riverside Poly High School, shares how Students love Brilliant School Apps, and the Brilliant App Academy.

    • A Parent in the Corona Norco Unifed School District shares how she loves Brilliant School Apps because she knows what her kids are doing, to check their grades, to see what the teachers are doing, she thinks its Brilliant!

    • Michael Gull, Assistant Principal at Riverside Poly High School endorses Brilliant School Apps which allows students access to activities, assignments and shares information with students in a fun and engaging way, interactive with social media!

    • I wanted to tell you I have heard such good feedback from our new app. Families are loving the easy access.

      -Jenn M.; PTSA Volunteer Central Coordinator

    • I couldn’t be happier.  The project came in on time, on budget and delivered even more than we had anticipated. The community has enjoyed using it and we’ve seen an increase in our community engagement. A great vendor with a superior product.

      -Darrell T.; Corona City Manager